Jumat, 22 Juni 2012

Wanita Amerika yang Terkena Penyakit Muka Jelek

Seorang gadis Amerika, yang menderita sindrom langka dan harus makan setiap 15 menit agar tetap hidup. Lizzie Velasquez, 21, dari Texas, yang merupakan mahasiswa komunikasi, beratnya hanya 25,4 kg dan hampir nol persen  lemak yang terdapat pada tubuh,

Lizzie has a brother Chris, 12, and a sister Marina, 15, who are both normal.She was born four weeks prematurely – weighing just 2lb 10oz.
Lizzie’s parents said: “They told us they had no idea how she could have survived. They told us she would never be able to walk, talk or have a normal life. We had to buy dolls’ clothes from the toy store because baby clothes were too big.”
Despite what her appearance might suggest, Lizzie’s brain, bones, internal organs… developed normally, but she nearly died twice: once when her appendix ruptured at 16 and another time at 19, because her blood cells were not multiplying properly (she was critically anemic).Lizzie was born with two brown eyes, but when she was four, her right eye began to change of color and she became blind from that eye.